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Get added value on your site thanks to our random videochat script. Tons of options allow you to modify several elements such as the logo, the loading video, the watermark and the name. Also create your own channel to regroup your users according to your criteria. Don't wait, get started right now!
FaceBuzz is an anonymous speed chatting platform allowing voice and video chat with strangers. We give anyone the opportunity to start their own “Facebuzz” game!
You can now start your own FaceBuzz clone website or integrate a new section in your actual website! We currently offer a co-branding option! Anyone can use our technology, but maintain their own brand. Our white label solution is totally free. Create your own chatroulette-like game! Just cut and paste this tag on your website. You can change the logo to use your own or use the standard FaceBuzz logo!
Script Generator (The empty areas will be replaced by the default values)
Defines the width of the iframe. EX:760
Defines the height of the iframe. EX:582
Defines the desired language (en / fr / es / pt / de / ru).
The name used for the white label . EX: MyFacebuzz
URL of your logo. Use the following size: 132x25.
URL of your intro video. Use the following format: 320x240.
URL of your transition video. Use the following format:320x240.
URL of your watermark. Use the following format: 85x20.
Visibility of your watermark (between 0 and 1). EX: 0.85
Name of the html object for your iframe.
Name of your channel (no special characters) EX: MyChannel
(Leave empty if you wish to have access to the main channel. 12 caracters limit)
Do not use facebook connect button
Force the use of Facebook Connect to have access to the channel
Place this code between your body tag
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